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Full Service Management

Extremely Rapid Response Time
We understand that response time is one of the biggest points of frustration for investors. EPM clients are encouraged to call as soon as a question arises, 24/7. If a message is left, EPM strives to have a representative contact you within 24 hours.

In-House Maintenance Crew & Licensed Professionals
We offer a seamless 24/7 maintenance coordination service with full repair capability. Our in-house team allows us to respond to maintenance requests or emergencies in the fastest possible manner at below market costs. EPM will contact the owner for approval of all repair work estimated to be in excess of $300, except for emergencies which may cause immediate damage to the property. Owners will always have the option to bid out their maintenance work if desired.​

Electronic Rent Collection & Disbursement
Tenants have the ability to pay their rent online via the tenant portal page, with rent being posted on the 1st of the month, and due by the 3rd. EPM will make ACH direct deposits into owner accounts between the 5th and 10th of the month.

24/7 Easy Access to Owner & Tenant Portals
Our seamless Owner and Tenant Portal links allow for quick and efficient:

  • Rent collection

  • Maintenance requests

  • Inspection request

  • Owner statements

  • Financial reporting

Move-In & Move-Out Walkthroughs
Our inspection team is on hand to identify any areas of concern with your property, as well as any issues to be deducted from tenant security deposits. Our inspectors can make suggestions for high ‘value-add’ repairs that could increase your long term financial return.

Eviction Services
Though never a fun part of investing, our team is here to guide you through the eviction process if this becomes necessary.

Monthly Accounting Statements
We help you stay up to date with the performance of your investment by issuing a monthly accounting summary.

Annual Financial Report & 1099 Tax Form
The annual report EPM provides is designed to highlight your investments performance over the year and prepare you for tax season.

Accounting for Security & Pet Deposits
We place security and pet deposits into trust accounts and provide accounting reconciliation at the end of the lease term.

Lease Enforcement
As a trusted agent of the owner, we enforce the lease terms diligently and prudently, while keeping the owner involved as the ultimate decision maker every step of the way.

​Leasing Service

Free Rent Benchmarking Prior to Lease Renewal
EPM utilizes a report of local current rental prices and we work with our clients on developing the appropriate pricing strategy for their goals.

Marketing that Attracts Numerous Qualified Tenants
EPM utilizes high definition photography and multiple online listing services to set your property apart and generate buzz. We have in-house licensed real estate professionals ready to conduct open houses and in-person showings, all with the goal of attracting high quality tenants to increase your financial returns and decrease your headaches.

Tenant Screening
This is one of the most underrated aspects of real estate investing. Choosing quality tenants will help protect your property and your financial return. We do this by employing our stringent tenant screening process that includes:

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • Credit Checks

  • Employment and Pay Stub Verification

  • Rental History Review

  • Eviction History Review

  • Public Records Search

  • Sex Offender Registry Search

  • Driver License Submission

  • Social Security Number Submission and Verification

Detailed Contract Preparation & Execution
EPM will draft the lease agreements pertaining to your property, and walk through the agreement with both the owner and tenant to make sure all parties are familiar with the agreement. EPM handles detailed modifications, amendments, and/or terminations as well.

Focus on Enhanced Tenant Relationships
All EPM tenants receive an orientation walkthrough of their property as well as a tenant welcome package. Intricacies of the house will be shown to the tenants, such as the main water valve and the circuit breaker box. This is for their safety and to protect your property. The tenant is the first line of defense for your property in the event of an emergency. The welcome package will include a small gift from EPM, EPM contact information, as well as other local information such as utility providers. The ultimate goal is to enhance the relationship between EPM, the owner, and the tenants as this will serve as the basis of the ongoing win-win relationship.

Collection Recovery Services
Our recovery experts work on a contingency basis and do not charge any setup fees. There are no account placement minimums and they only get paid when money is collected on your behalf. They report to all 3 credit bureaus, handle all calls, distribute letters and payments, and do all of the heavy lifting for you. All fees will be based on the age of the debt when it occurred.

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